What is it?

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) allows an organisations to gain a holistic understanding of their digital assets and corresponding digital footprint to the outside world. Harnessing the power of existing threat intelligence and uplifting that capability it provides an organisational risk view of the complete digital footprint as an attacker would see it..

Benefits for me?

Compromised credentials risk

Detect compromised login credentials belonging to your employees and customers to prevent future breaches.

Unknown data exposure risks

Detect any piece of sensitive data belonging to your company across thousands of web sources.

Typosquatted domain risk

Identify new typosquatting, URLhighjacking and phishing domains that impersonates your brands.

Proactive credential protection

Empower your existing login security mechanisms to prevent hackers from stealing your customer’s trust.

Social media risks

Know real-time current threats on social media such as exploits, data leakages or trademark misuse.

Credit card fraud risks

Enhance your credit card fraud prevention mechanisms with AI-powered intelligence at scale.

PII protection and GDPR risks

Identify leaked Personally Identifiable Information (PII) enabling timely GDPR breach notification.

Who we recommend?

We are proud to partner and work with SOCRadar to delivery Digital Risk Protection for you and your customers. SOCRadar's RiskPrime builds on industry-leading instant phishing domain identification, internet-wide scanning and compromised credential detection technologies by aggregating and correlating massive data points into actionable intelligence alerts. This enables Security Operations and Risk Management teams to swiftly and effectively understand how particular risks have evolved through digital transformation and what to do for mitigation.


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